Join Virtual Truro!

This site will be a complete information source for the town of Truro. Our goal is to have all events, businesses and activities to do with Truro located on this site.

We at Virtual Truro believe this site will be the place to see and be seen. If you would like to be a part of Virtual Truro, please email us at for more information and pricing. We can accommodate all who wish to be on our site, from linking an already existing website, to building a splash page or database driven page for you.

Our Concept

Virtual Truro's concept is to supply the public with a complete look of the town of Truro. This web site is dedicated to all that Truro has to offer, from the retail and industrial areas to the events and places of interest. What makes this site special is the ability to easily find what is in Truro and where to find it!